Thank You To Everyone Who Has Supported This Journey!

After a magical week of pageantry, what better way to close it out than at Universal Theme Park! It was a splendid day of fun and family and I am so grateful for this entire journey – words cannot express. But I am going to try . . .

For starters, it is time for me to give thanks staring with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Since birth he crowned me a Queen of the highest and I love my lord for that!

Next up, my parents RIckey and Lorraine Dixon who consistently show me unconditional love and support. They believe in me so much that I start to believe in myself! To back up that support is the love of my siblings, RJ, Brittanney, and Cameron.

Men Supporting IJM Pageant

When they say it takes a village, they were not kidding! Mr. Isaac Birdlong and James Polk saw something in me a long time ago and have been grooming me since! James flew all the way from Dallas to meet with me after the casual wear competition. He said “Alana, arch that back, stretch those legs, and walk like you want it.” His words of encouragement and prayer through text messaging meant everything to me and I want to say THANK YOU and I love you!

To My Sister Queens

Dr Candice Freeman,and Xoe Carney. I LOVE YOU GUYS! You are my family and I am eternally grateful to have fellow queens, like yourself embarking on this journey with me. Fun fact: Xoe’s mom, Mrs. Brandy was the one who came back in the dressing room to help me get prepared – because my mom’s nerves eat too much at her stomach. Mrs. Brandy has such a calm spirit, and her sense of humor keeps me at ease. It is such a blessing to have so many pageant moms and sisters. It makes it all worthwhile.

Brandon and Yasmin of Team Flawless! You were AMAZING all week. You both were so kind and nice to me. By the way, you NAILED IT for the right look for my competition.

Stephanie Murphy flew all the way in from Chicago to help prep my hair all week. We had a great time together. Speaking of hair, Ms. Katrina Greene conditioned and prepped my hair in Dallas before my departure for the big event.

Mr. Keith Pittman, Ms. Wanda, and Ms. Stephanie of Lasting Impressions are owed a massive amount of gratitude for the beautiful gown and my FUN Fashion outfits. I tried my best to twirl and sparkle to truly share the essence of the creative designs you came up with for me!

THANK YOU each and every one of you!

As for the IJM crew. Ms. Kathy Whittaker and Ms. Heather, you ladies are amazing. The work you put into the IJM Texas Pageant system to make it more of a sisterhood is what makes our group truly remarkable. I love all of my sister Queens and I spent the duration of the week cheering for their success. This whole experience begins with you ladies and you are doing a phenomenal job.

Now – what to say about my pageant coach Nanette Watts of Pageants Unlimited Plus. She is one tough cookie! She pushes me harder than anyone I know, but her toughness comes from a place of love. She is more than just my pageant coach, she is my rock and my wisdom. She directs me through the tough waters with her wisdom and protects me with her kindness.

Ms. Lisa Dean of Lisa Dean Pageant Coaching. THANK YOU for stepping in at Nationals and helping me clean up and polish my routines. For those who do not know this already, Lisa is one amazing lady. She reminded me of God’s purpose and that my true obligation is to share and shine like the light of Jesus. I am so grateful Ms. Lisa.

Ms. Amber of Crown Captors has worked so many hours with me over the years as my interview, introduction, and speaking coach. Most importantly, she reminds me to be my true self and that I am more than just a crown. Ms. Amber – thank you for helping me to shine!

Pageant Coaches and Consultants

Lu Cierra. When I first met you, I was so nervous! After all, you do coach the ladies from Miss USA and the Miss Universe contest! You are funny, smart, down to earth, and you walk in your anointing. I thank you for everything you have fed into me and I am always looking forward to learning more from you!

I told you it takes a village!

Mr. Britney of Britney Eskew Consulting has my heart. Your wisdom and insight to help me prepare are appreciated.

I would like to thank my brother Mr. Dwayne Kidd who knows how to do just about everything. He drove us to Florida from Dallas. He helped me carry my gowns to competitions. He prepped my gowns and steamed them just before every competition. He drove us ladies all over Florida, even with our poor directions. He cooked and grilled for us! He prayed over me and made me laugh all week long. My mom has admitted she could not have done this without you! For that alone, I am so appreciative and I love you!

To all my family at Boomer Sooner Nation to the Booker T. Washington Hornets family in Tulsa, Oklahoma to the Wilmer Hutchins Eagles – all of my mom and dads friends, my Queens Do Read friends and teachers – to Nicole Amnott Tongue of Invoke Media Group for stepping in and creating my website and helping with my social media pages – thank you ALL for everything.

Biggest regards and thanks belong to my dad’s caregivers. Ms. Tatum Townley, Ms. Shanika, Ms. Tasha McCoy and Ms. Shelanda! I could not travel to compete if it were not for you all! Knowing that you gals are looking out for my dad – takes a load off my mind and my moms. We cannot thank you all enough for what you do!

Thanks to EVERYONE for the kind words of encouragement all week and every moment leading up to the week. Your kind words meant the world to me!