Yes! #SchoolisCool

I know a lot of my friends are going to ask me, “Alana, have you lost your mind?” My answer, “No I have not lost my mind. I am just happy to be able to expand it some more.” Besides, how fun and exciting is that first day when you go back and rekindle your friendships with your classmates you lost touch over the summer? And, even better, make new ones?

Back to School

I go back to school tomorrow and I will be entering a new school. I get to have a locker to store my belongings and have already jazzed it up to my liking! It is a little something I get to look forward to between classes and that makes me smile.

Sports and Scholastics

I enjoy playing volleyball, so I will be trying out for the volleyball team and looking forward to gym classes when we play it! My favorite subject is math. With math, you can go into engineering, finance, data research, and much more.

Saying Goodbye to Summer

I will miss all the exciting travel experiences I enjoyed this summer! The IJM cruise to Quintana Roo will forever be a fond memory of experiencing new things and making new friends! My fellow Queens and I were able to learn about one another and about their own life experiences as teenage girls growing up in different parts of our country.

Leadership Camp was a fantastic way to kickstart my summer! I learned about a variety of careers related to government, history, and the environment. All of the activities helped me to develop my leadership skills and enhance my ability to participate as an informed leader in my community.

I graced the catwalk on a few occasions. First in the Atlanta Fashion Show, and then again in the  Walk Fashion Show, Dallas edition. It was a ton of fun sporting such stylish and creative original pieces from local designers.

The perfect wrap up to my summer was participating in the IJM Internationals in Orlando, FL where I represented the LoneStar State as a Pre-Teen Delegate. It was a jam-packed week that included an interview, FUN fashion, and formal wear competition. I highly recommend any young lady who has a passion for community service to consider joining this pageant/competition.

Community Service Projects

Speaking of community, I was able to participate in so many community service projects throughout the summer.

  • The Jeans for Teens drive with sister Queen Brini Bourque, was a huge success.
  • I launched my #QueensDoRead book club where we assembled more than 200 care packages for Give Hope Global.
  • I got the honor of meeting with Hillary Evans, the Director of 8 to Educate. She took me on a tour of the entire facility. After8toEducate (“After8”) is the first all-encompassing program to support unsheltered high school youth in Dallas.
  • I also participated in the 5k walk hosted by Pretty With Purpose Inc

There is a TON more I could share, but it is getting late in the day and I want to get ready for my return to school tomorrow! Thanks for checking this out and stop by to see what is coming down the road for me . . . . some exciting NEWS!