I am just a young girl from Texas with a passion to be the best I can be! Born into a family of faith, I learned at a young age that God gave me the tools to do anything I set my mind to. My dads’ diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s Disease pulled me to get involved with generating awareness for this disease. The best way to help my dad and others like him was to get involved on the ground level of education and support.  This was the moment when I decided to start “theloveheALSmovement”. The experience of helping others was so rewarding, I have expanded into supporting other important causes.

Part of being involved with pageantry includes being actively involved with community service efforts. Community service is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am currently involved with more than eight charitable organizations.  Each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart.

To date, I have captured the title of IJM Lone Star Pre Teen 2019, Miss Texas Pre Teen 2018, UNM Miss Pre Teen Texas 2018, 3rd runner-up in the National America Miss Pageant 2017, Little Miss Dallas 2016, and more.

To be headed for Orlando FL this year to compete in the International Junior Miss Pageant is a dream come true. But, it was not for the reason that most may think. The beautiful crown and banner are nice, but my mission is much deeper. My mission is to use my pageantry exposure opportunities to help those who really need a voice.

Much of what I do is driven by my personal experience with ALS and the impact it can have on not just my fathers’ life, but those who surround and love him. He is my hero. His determination to overcome the devastating effects of ALS, further emphasizes my belief that with God, all things are possible.