A Year In Review

Looking back on this past year, I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of love and support I have been given by my friends and family members. Without it, I would not have been able to accomplish so many of the amazing trips, appearances, community service projects, pageants, photoshoots, and more!

A Few Outings for Alana Dixon

Fashion Shows

In April, I kicked off my whirlwind summer with a fashion show for anti-bullying. At this special event, we were taught how to motivate one another, build confidence and establish self-esteem while taking a stand against bullying. The experience was remarkable and I was a better person for having been a part of something so wonderful.

In May, I journeyed to the ATL and partook in “Une Belle Revolution” Fashion Show. This show featured one of the few – if not only – comprehensive high school fashion programs in the country. Everything from couture-level eveningwear to urban chic was handcrafted from scratch by 17- and 18-year-olds. I got to model the talented creations of one of Atlanta’s up and coming designers. It was a ton of fun.

Queens Do Read

April saw the launch of my book club Queens Do Read. This is a lot of FUN for me since I get to enjoy the company of my fellow Queens! We choose a book to read and then gather to discuss and share our own summary of the book. We also use the time together to perform community service or mentor one another on speaking, self-esteem, and other confidence-building strategies.

Lonestar Leadership Academy

Early June saw me off to Leadership Camp. The Lone Star Leadership Academy provides activities for all interests. They explore answers to questions such as how did the cattle industry impact the development of Fort Worth, what were John F. Kennedy’s greatest accomplishments, and how paper money is made. In addition, participants learn about a variety of careers related to government, history, and the environment. All of the activities will develop program participant leadership skills and enhance their ability to participate as an informed leader in your community.

International Miss Junior Miss Cruise

Mid-June I ventured to Quintana Roo. Lisa Dean floated along with the Texas IJM girls to prepare us for our upcoming pageant in Orlando, FL. Kathy Whitacker photography was on board for impromptu photoshoots. This was all predicated by a good old fashioned Texas style kick-off!

International Junior Miss Pageant

July was the most exciting of all. I travelled with my mom and my amazing team to Orlando FL where I competed in the International Junior Miss Pageant. International Junior Miss is an organization that is like family. They work together to promote the uplifting and empowerment of young women today. It is a great platform for young women to feel confident in who they are as well as show their many talents and love of service. I cannot say enough what a remarkable experience it was. It took me TWO journal entries to appropriately document this life-altering event.

This covers the FIRST HALF of this past year as an ambitious 11-year-old girl journeying her way through life. Of course, as of YESTERDAY, I am now officially 12!