USA Nationals Winners

They Say It Takes A Village!

So grateful for being crowned the 2020 USA National Miss Texas Preteen! I could not have achieved this remarkable without the ongoing support of so many people, from so many walks of like, with so many talents, and so much love for me. I am going to TRY to express my gratitude to everyone who helped make this possible.

Thank You My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

My daddy had planned to make the trip to Houston to support me in this venture. Unfortunately, he fell ill and was unable to be there. I am grateful to Jesus for staying by his side and keeping my daddy safe while I competed. I was able to talk to him immediately after my crowning moment and hearing his voice only made the moment that much more special for me.

Special Recognition Belongs to The Following:

The wonderful Dwayne Kidd for helping my mom and always being there to assist and support her throughout these pageants.

I want to thank my family Pamela White, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Fred, and all my cousins. They say you can choose your friends but not your family. Well, I could not have asked for a better one, so thank you!

I also want to acknowledge and say a special thanks to my BIG SIS Candice Freeman.

What can I say but THANKS to Issac Birdlong for his continued words of encouragement, walking instructions, and endless videos to prepare me for competition?

Dwayne Kidd and Alana
Dwayne Kidd and Alana
Nanette Weeks
Nanette Weeks
James Polk and Alana
James Polk and Alana

Speaking of walks, Mariah Chaney is the QUEEN. Thank you for helping me to improve mine! And Kelly Seargeant, thank you for pulling my truth and my story – so I could proudly share who I am.

To my fabulous coach Nanette “the Queenmaker” Weeks! Your tough love and demand for my work ethic always pay off!

Amber Brown, my Crown Captors Mindset Coaching. You helped prepare me emotionally to envision my possibilities and the reality of achieving my dreams. Thank you!

The fabulous Lu Sierra! I am so thankful that Jesus placed you in my life. You are an inspiration.

Keith and Wanda at Lasting Impressions. Thank you for always knowing just the right gown for me!

Thank you to Invoke Media Group of Boston, MA. Your ability to capture my voice and share it through all my social media sites is remarkable.

Unique Runway Kids Mr. James Polk and Ms. Betty thank you for always encouraging me and giving me the opportunities to walk the runway. Those moments are so valuable in preparing me for such occasions.

Last But Certainly NOT Least

My mom. I do not know how you manage to juggle it all. But you do! And you do it with such style and grace, I am so proud to say I am your daughter. My big sister Brittanney Dixon and my brothers RJ and Cameron, thanks for all the continued love and support!
Daddy! You inspire me every day. I am so thankful for all your love and support. You always SHOW UP, no matter the hurdles you leap to be there!